Language exchange program

On Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. at Ikari Coffee shop in Minquan West road, i met up with those couch surfers for language exchange program. Basically, the Taiwanese couch-surfers were quite refreshing-looking, and they talked with an air of sophistication. The foreigners seemed to be an open-minded, friendly and active people, and they were willing to listen to others’ sharing. By chance, I was chosen to another split group in which i was encountered an usual task. An unexpected friend (i will address him Mr.Sincerity,) asked for my help with his assignment for his school. In the beginning, i found it a quite difficult task while he asked me about the problems in the traffic, apparently, he would like to ask me to list up some complaints about the traffic. we had a lot of brainstorming and notes exchange for the traffic problems, and thank God, i actually came up with a lot of details about the problems of traffic. afterwards, we started sharing our ideas about train, railway gauge, books, movies and songs etc. From his brief introduction with some mysterious tones, i could deduce that he studied in Physics, a pre-staff at a bank, a government staff in Taiwan for the present time. he is quite interested in the subject of Psychology and would devote his times to the articles from Wikipedia. he was quite informed about some technical terms in English or Chinese. he could elaborate his ideas in fluent Chinese, it was quite amazing. 


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