Educating Dali’

The field trip to Dali exhibition has broadened my own views. Fascinated by his imaginations and fantasy, I have figured out that life is full of contrast, which could be delineated with many postmodernist elements such as paradox, irony, parody and burlesque etc. Like what the campaign has repeatedly informed, Dali is  undoubtedly a gifted genius, and his discerning mind has emancipated himself indulgently. He has so much perverse desire that he could draw motifs from his own erotic dreams and fantasies. Executing both natural and unnatural images with meticulous precision, he is able to create a grotesque but everlasting masterpiece.

Apart from his works, his signature is also need to be noticed.  Signed with myriad styles, his first name is always coined with a crown and a little cross, slightly insinuating his talents given from birth. Accompanied with other items in the painting of ” Neuf Paysages” such as the image of “The Thinker,” fountain, unicorn, rose and ant etc, the signature is nothing more than a symbol, but a closure to seal all the almighty spirits that transcends the time and the space.

If one takes a close look to the whole works of Dali’s, one might find out that the figures on the sketches is very similar to that of Don-Quixote. Remarkably drew by Dali, the tiny dilettante is bound to have a chaotic and bizarre minds. His elongated arms entangled with different characters somehow implies a sense of promiscuous violence and tension. Leaving all to the audience’s imagination, Dali orchestrates different objects to expresses his found-mental but avant-garde concept.

It’s been a marvelous experience to see such influential pieces of arts in person. Big thumb to Salvador Dali!


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