Dear Alan

Dear Alan,
Yes, i am writing a letter to you, to show my fondness to you, giving my heart to you; and please don’t don’t and don’t forget me. I don’t mind to make it too romantic like the letter of Dear John. yet, I’ve got a sincere heart, really wishing you can return to my embrace someday. i know it’s too late to ask you don’t go away. I miss you already when it’s second day from the day you departed from this country. I don’t know why i keep thinking of you. Right now, i am listening to this music, hoping God can give me a pair of wings to take ME to where YOU are. I am sorry that I can’t comfort you when your dad passed away. I can understand the sadness of having a beloved one leaving us. You remind me of the beautiful memories in U.S.A. even though we didn’t really spend time in the same place. it’s not important now. All i want is your revisiting to this land. I wish you all well.
with love& hug,
Kaylyn Liang


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