Farewell to you

You don’t know how long these memories linger at the corner of my mind,
You don’t know how much I had laughed happily at your humorous talks,
You don’t know how late I’ve realized that I am empty without a dream that excludes you. It’s all kept closely within me, but did you carry it in your backpack? Now, we are embarking on the divided road, where you seem to be confident to choose firmly like you used to be pursuing. But, I am totally lost, I am rambling aimlessly, now i am reaching to the place where you are absolutely absent.I am wondering if I am still good for you? Cause i’m starting feeling a distance separate us afar, thank you for let me know what hurting feel like, thank you for giving me the pain and loneliness, thank you for your jacket, thank you for your silent smile at last.


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