I put tulips under all the pillows, and then I set fire to the house, that was my daydreaming in a fleeting moment, then suddenly I awake with my eyes open wide, only to see the coffin steadfastly placed in front of me, draped with the white pale flowers. a light breeze drifted in, but couldn’t get the fog dismiss, from my blurry eyes, I would see people were all in dark because of the black suits and dresses, and the contrast in white and black said nothing but only generating a resounding no, likely to say that no it wasn’t real. quietness lingered at each comma of the pastor’s sermons in the funeral. People did weep but made so sounds, like the tears of a candle, slightly done. while they were about to bury the coffin, I  could sense an unbearable weight of a limb torn from my body.


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