I can’t deny my genuine feeling toward him, a remarkable guy with an intelligent minds and impressive proficiency in speaking myriad languages. It’s always soothes me when I hear his voices whispering on the phone. He seems to have a knack to manage how to articulate each words, paying peculiarly attentions to the rhythm of the syntax to create a curl that could do a little tricks on my ears. What can I say and how can I stop fidgeting when it’s about time to pick up the phone to respond to his answers. It’s not an easy job to force myself from giggling at his humorous remarks when my supervisors are around. I guess that is part of the luxury that I’ve ever had in this routinized works. I believe it’s a kind of poppy love.


when you say nothing at all

The picture bumps right into my head when I accidentally click this clip, and I wonder if you still remember the first-time album purchasing in the old days. It’s Notting Hill, The scene is so surreal to me that I thought it’s just occurred five minutes ago. I remember it’s an afternoon on Sunday, but I can’t really perceive it anymore because it gradually fades away from my mind. Can you help me out?

when can you leave me alone?

It’s been long-long days that I couldn’t remember when was the last time I saw you. Stood on the opposite side of the road, at some steps away from you, I couldn’t believe my eyes; I couldn’t believe what I saw because for a moment, I think that was my own illusion of seeing someone that looks just like you. Not until you passed me by so closely at the crossing road did I realized that it was really you. I stunned with a little delight but soon fell into a disappointed mood, how you could ignore me like I am a stranger. Yes, I know that I’ve removed you from my friend list at Facebook, but that is part of my own ritual of self-quest of moving on, I wish I could really take away your face from my mental mind and wish to come back as nothing has ever happened between you and me.

Farewell to you

You don’t know how long these memories linger at the corner of my mind,
You don’t know how much I had laughed happily at your humorous talks,
You don’t know how late I’ve realized that I am empty without a dream that excludes you. It’s all kept closely within me, but did you carry it in your backpack? Now, we are embarking on the divided road, where you seem to be confident to choose firmly like you used to be pursuing. But, I am totally lost, I am rambling aimlessly, now i am reaching to the place where you are absolutely absent.I am wondering if I am still good for you? Cause i’m starting feeling a distance separate us afar, thank you for let me know what hurting feel like, thank you for giving me the pain and loneliness, thank you for your jacket, thank you for your silent smile at last.




would you hold me tight?

Dear Jorge,
a touch of feeling arise from my heart, mixing it strangely with somehow sadness, and i can’t really tell how come i am lost in a strange place, a place that is far away from here, a village on a yellow plain, and is surrounded with a amount of yellow hay, piling aside, when i want to look at the front door of the village house, I can’t really tell it becomes so shady and but it’s so familiar to me although i can’t really understand your language, but i can hear a sound that is from a conventional instrument, and i could see an Indian come and breathe out a cloud from a long tobacco, a woman named Elena is quietly sitting on the stairs on the streets, and I can’t really know why, it reminds me of an artist Gerogia O’Keaf, a purple petal is wore on her right ear, and could not be taken away by anyone, I can hear you humming in your mother-tongue as a boy, your voice is as tender as a piece of leaves drifting in the air, like a willow, i can’t awake, but i hear your voice, and i wanna go to your homeland, a real place that I can really eat latin food, and embrace you in my heart, I really miss the place, and i really need to get back to there so that I can really find my home, would you hold my hand tightly so that i won’t really fall off from the city.